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Kim Schappert

Kim has been actively involved in the sport since 1978, the early days in Crested Butte. She started exploring the mountain trails on a 3-speed mountain bike, ran the first ever mountain bike rental company, had a brief racing career and later, in 1984, co-founded the first 4-color mountain bike magazine, "Mountain Bike- For the Adventure". In her time at Mountain Bike Magazine she helped publicize some of the most popular riding destinations today including Crested Butte and Moab, Sun Valley and Durango.

Eventually the magazine sold to Rodale Press and Kim moved to the then unknown Moab, UT, and Up the Creek Campground was born. Up the Creek, a walk-in camp-park for tents only, catered primarily to the ever-increasing crowds of mountain bikers. She also helped run and guided for Rim Tours, the original mountain bike touring company.

Here, she began to take people into the backcountry and introduced scores of riders to trails which would become world famous. Up the Creek Campground has served as a home base to mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts for the past 20 years and Kim has been there the whole time, helping people find their bearings amongst the desert sandstone.

As Moab became world renown, legions of mountain bikers descended upon the sleepy, unsuspecting, town that was digging itself out of a post mining days depression. Kim had the foresight to implement a management system for the Sands Flats Recreation Area, home of the Slickrock Bike Trail. Her work with this area helped turn it from a lawless dustbowl of off-roaders and yahoos into the pristine, nationally recognized and awarded collaborative land management
recreational area it is today.

Later, Kimberly would be elected to the Grand County Council where she became the first public figure to advocate for bicycling in Moab. While in office she formed Trail Mix, an advisory committee to the County Council made up of various trail users working to improve the non-motorized recreational and transportation opportunities throughout Grand County. Eight years later Trail Mix stills meets the second Tuesday of every month and has many success stories to brag about
including the writing and adoption of the Grand County Non-Motorized Trails Master Plan and the development of many new trails.

Currently, as the Executive Director of the Moab Trails Alliance, a non-profit she helped to form in 2003, she works tirelessly writing grants, doing land management liaison work, coordinating projects with Trail Mix and baking cookies to keep work crews as psyched as she is about the effort Moab is making to maintain its reputation as a mountain biking mecca.

Successes to date include the completion of a 630ft bike/ped bridge across the Colorado River, significant headway towards the completion of a bike path along the "river road" linking town to the ever popular Porcupine Rim Trail and various other segments of an 11 million dollar non-motorized alternative transportation system that will allow cyclists to access public lands safely segregated from vehicular traffic.

Kim has remained active in Utah politics taking every chance she gets to introduce key politicians to the joys of mountain biking. Last year she took Utah Governor John Huntsman Jr. on a loop of the Slickrock Trail and presented a video she made documenting the economic benefits of trails in Moab to the state Trails and Pathways Conference.

She remains an avid mountain biker, loves riding new single track, is re-establishing a love relationship with the Slickrock Bike Trail, and gets the biggest kick out of seeing the Moab desert through the eyes of newcomers.

Kim Schappert is a perfect nominee for the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. For over a quarter century she has lived and breathed mountain biking and her enthusiasm for the sport continues to grow as she finds new ways to show others the magic of trail riding.

Nomination by Mat Barlow